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Why DOG GUARD® of Middle Tennessee

Eric & Krista Green

Welcome to Dog Guard of Middle Tennessee owned by husband-and-wife team Eric & Krista Green. Both United States military veterans Eric served in the Marine Corps and Krista the Air Force. Together they share the same compassion for loving dogs and providing them with a safe alternative to traditional methods of containing pets.

As dog owners of three dogs, a two-year-old Blue Heeler/Chow-Chow mix “Baby”, a 10-year-old Shih-tzu mix “Bootsy”, and a 6-month-old Boston Terrier “Daisy” they understand the importance of keeping their beloved pets safe. On their seven-acre property they value the ability to enjoy their Tennessee views while maintaining the safety of a boundary. Living on a busy road with plenty of tree line that is often filled with wild animal life that gives their dogs temptation and distractions, they trust the Dog Guard containment system to protect their dogs. They feel most secure with the Dog Guard system as opposed to competitors’ brands because of its unsurpassed quality, technology, and options.

With other brands they have trusted in the past the lack of versatility and durability of a Dog Guard system stood out. This is what led them to the Dog Guard team. Dog Guard offers a range of sizes of collars for their own variety of dogs. As well as durability options like chew proof boxes for the rowdier of dogs. They love that they now can have a smaller collar with mild settings for their elder dog while at the same time having a very strong and durable collar to keep up with their larger dog. They no longer felt like competitors’ brand was fit for them. Their understanding of how families have unique needs for pets, property, and inside homes allows them to customize their customers containment system to each of their unique needs.

The Greens chose the Dog Guard team because of its unsurpassed professional quality equipment and the ongoing dealer resources and training.

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